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Military Moves

o American Moving & Storage Inc. is proud to serve our nation’s military. We understand comprehensive planning is a must for military personnel operating under strict orders and deadlines. Being the professionals, we will work with you to accommodate your moving schedule and budget needs so you can properly request what you need from USTRANSCOM.

o American Moving and Storage Inc. will provide the services that you and your family require diminishing the burden of frequent relocations.

Military Relocation Services Include:
• Truck weight before showing up to start loading truck.
• Full-Service Packing or Moving Supplies if needed at additional cost.
• Proper Disassembly and Assembly of large items and properly packed.
• Truck weight once fully loaded for transportation.

o At American Moving & Storage Inc. there’s no need to worry when your personal belongings will arrive or if they will get lost as everything stays in the same truck and will not have another client’s items for other moves going across the country and that’s what we pride ourselves in!